Loss of Elasticity – Sagging

So, your skin isn’t quite what or where it used to be?
Loss of firmness comes from a loss in skin elasticity.

In order to know how to treat this skin condition, we have to determine why it happens.

Elastin is the protein in your connective tissue that helps your skin bounce back with facial and body movements, giving it flexibility. Skin elastin decreases with age, thereby causing the skin to sag.

Elastin is produced and strengthened from fibroblast cells in your skin’s dermal layer. Fibroblast activity is needed for the regeneration of skin cells, connective tissues, and healing of any cellular damage. It is very important to keep fibroblast activity strong as you age to ensure healthy, youthful skin.

You can do this by increasing your skin’s natural supply of antioxidants (especially alpha lipoic acid and CoQ10), vitamins (especially Vitamin C) and nutrients, as well as increasing blood supply to your skin via stimulation of circulation (as this will carry nutrients to your skin faster). By increasing the overall health of your skin cells, you are increasing every aspect of your skin, including its elasticity. I strongly recommend facials every 1-3 months, depending on skin conditions and budget, in order to regenerate and repair cellular damage and increase fibroblast activity.

Although some loss of elasticity comes naturally with age, you can keep it to a minimum by:

  • limiting the amount of free radical damage  done through stress
  • boosting antioxidant and Vitamin levels (which in turn also boost collagen and elastin production)
  • limit the amount of trauma to the skin by eliminating harsh treatments and ingredients and protecting your skin from sun over-exposure.
  • strengthen your muscles – both in the skin and under the skin – this will help hold the skin in place and limit sagging
  • increasing circulation in healthy amounts will strengthen you muscles and get nutrients to your skin faster
  • increase lymphatic drainage to help your skin remove excess water retention and toxic build up

written by Jennifer Laz, Licensed Esthetician, bien-être spa

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