Does Healthy Skin Break Out?

The answer may surprise you…YES it does.

It is normal to breakout when there is an imbalance inside the body caused by stress, hormonal fluctuation, diet, and/or lifestyle. No one enjoys them, but pimples, clogged pores and rashes certainly get our attention – and let us know that something is off balance. Many times, they give us motivation to clean up our diet, manage stress and eliminate outside stressors like irritating ingredients or sun overexposure. Fix the imbalance or eliminate the stress and the breakout will go away. Facial treatments are used in conjunction with internal balancing to speed recovery and help prevent and correct scarring and discoloration. This is where your trusted esthetician becomes your best friend. Diagnostic skincare (a form of skin care that looks at all topical “symptoms” to help diagnose the imbalance or cause of stress) is a vital tool for correcting breakouts. *Acne is a different situation: it is a systemic skin condition which requires both topical and internal treatment. I talk more about acne in other posts, but this one is dedicated to occasional “situational” breakouts.

For example, let’s say I notice a breakout in the center of my forehead. In this case I am my own esthetician, so I would link this to a combination of stress and raised cortisol levels as well as an imbalance in the digestive and elimination systems. To correct the imbalance internally I would cut out caffeine and sugar and add more greens to my diet. Topically I would treat the breakout with salicylic acid, red clay and tea tree to calm inflammation and eliminate bacteria and excess oil. Voila! I am communicating with my body through my skin – and experiencing a higher level of health as a result.

There’s simply no such thing as “perfect” skin that never breaks out. Great genes can bless you with beautiful skin that rarely sees a blemish, but skin is meant to react to imbalance and stress. Your skin acts as a built-in communication system between you and your body. Using something to prevent your skin from functioning in this way may guarantee temporary clear skin, but will do so by preventing your skin to function the way it was meant to.

Bottom line: Don’t get discouraged when you get a little pimple, rash or breakout. See it as a sign that your skin is healthy and ocmunicating an imbalance. In most cases, this imbalance can be easily fixed and the breakout wont last very long. If you have questions about breakouts, acne, rosacea, eczema or any other skin condition, ask me using our “ask” function.

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