Candida Cleansing

Im starting a 90-day Candida Cleanse this month. Yes, it does sound like a long time to cleanse, but it is very necessary! Candida albicans is a natural yeast that lives in the body, but it can become overgrown due to high levels of sugar, stress, or antibiotics. Overgrowth can occur after just one round of antibiotics, and with our high sugar, high stress lives we could all use a little cleansing!

A wonderful resource for leaning about Candida is a book titled “The Candida Cure” by Ann Boroch, CNC. There is a questionnaire to take as well as guidelines for cleansing and maintaining healthy gut flora. Some common symptoms of Candida overgrowth are: digestive disturbances, bloating, hair loss or thinning, acne, rosacea, eczema, fungal rash, blurry vision, headaches, lethargy, infertility, extreme sensitivity, sleep problems, cold extremities and many many more. If left untreated (or if symptoms are repressed, as is the case with topical steroid creams for example), Candida flourishes and the problem is forced deeper into the body. This can lead to much more serious, chronic conditions like cancer, auto-immune disorders and heart disease.

For 90 days I will be omitting sugars, gluten, most dairy, yeast, alcohol and refined foods. I will instead focus my diet on lean protein and vegetables. In addition, I will be drinking lots of water and taking digestive support supplements and an herbal anti-fungal remedy. I will also be incorporating aromatherapy in the form of oils in epsom baths and topically on the soles of my feet every night. Lemongrass, oregano, and tea tree oils are just a few oils highly recommended. To maintain the results, I will keep sugar and gluten to a minimum, omit any foods that cause a negative reaction, and take a high quality probiotic.

I highly recommend that all of my clients start their road to healthy skin with a 90-day cleanse. It is proven to enhance results and boost inner and outer health and beauty!

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