AAD: What is Acne and what causes it?

american-academy-of-dermatologyAs your liaison to the world of skincare, I want to share some insider information with you to keep you in the know. Below is a link to a great article from the American Academy of Dermatology on Acne Vulgaris. It’s organized into sections, starting with the official definition of Acne, and the different forms it takes in the skin. The article also discusses the many topical and internal treatments that are commonly used in the skincare and dermatology industry and their proven efficacy. There are many great bits of information here, although the article doesn’t go very far into detail about any one area of discussion. For example, research does show that the link between dietary sugar and chocolate and Acne is inconclusive – but what about internal inflammation and protein deficiency? There’s no mention of other dietary and food allergy links.

If you have questions about your Acne condition, you may find it very helpful. Follow this link to more in-depth information on Acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

–> AAD Article <–

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