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Pigmentation: Facts, fiction and Treatments

hyperpigment | Pigmentation: Facts, fiction and Treatments | skin conditions skin care 101 non invasive skin care techniques that work
So many of my clients suffer from some form of hyperpigmentation and melasma. There is a huge misconception that the sun is the only culprit of hyperpigmenting and that sunscreen prevents those pesky brown spots. Sunscreens only convert UV rays into heat, which can still cause inflammation in the skin yet help prevent a sunburn. The use of sunscreen actually gives us a false sense of security and allows for us to be out in the sun much much longer than evolution intended for our skin.
I advise EVERY client to wear only sunblock, use a hat and find shade when out in the sun. I also think (GASP) that a little unprotected sun is GOOD for you. I know! A little, read (LITTLE) bit of sunlight is wonderful for increasing natural Vitamin D production and helps to lift our spirits. Flowers and plants need the sun to grow and bloom…and so do we. That being said, if you are suffering from unwanted discoloration there are two gentle and effective ways to help: liver detox support and topical essential oils. I am very reluctant to recommend laser or intesive chemical peels for pigmentation as they set the stage for the destruction of healthy skin. They cause massive trauma and inflammation – both of which increase pigment and free radicals. They also make you extremely vulnerable to sun damage – NOT good.

I love this article because it does such a great job of explaining in plain terms where hyperpigmentation comes from and how to work with your body to relieve it.

Here’s my topical oil recipe for melasma and hyperpigmentation. Note: I ONLY recommend Young Living Oils as they are the very best quality and have more than two decades of experience growing, distilling and blending! You can contact me anytime for more information on how to order these amazing oils for your own use!

topical recipe for 1 oz bottle – make sure its blue or amber glass:
Use all of these oils or just the ones you want…should be about 15 drops total to 1 oz carrier oil – place all essential oils in bottle first, then roll bottle to blend and then fill almost to the top with carrier. Use dropper to apply a pea sized amount in lieu of traditional moisturizer twice daily!

carrot seed
rose (awesome but optional as the real stuff is way expensive!)

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Cosmetics Safety

cosmetics | Cosmetics Safety | skin care 101
Nadine Artemis is one of the great skincare gurus out the now in my opinion. Her wisdom of natural skincare and beauty preservation is innate, yet she is very well read and researches constantly. Gentle skin and body care and nutrition are huge passions of mine, so I am constantly reading, watching and learning. I’m planning to attend the Women’s Wellness and Longevity Conference this spring, and in this planning I came across some really wonderful videos on natural beauty. The information in these videos is not meant to scare anyone but is meant to inform those wanting to make healthier choices. I’m sharing them because I feel they cover some basic, important facts about products many of us use on a daily basis. Let me know you thoughts!

Nadine Artemis – Cosmetics Video Part One

Nadine Artemis – Cosmetics Video Part Two

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4 Big Benefits of a Sugar Detox

sugar | 4 Big Benefits of a Sugar Detox  | skin nutrition
Twice each year, I forgo all sugar for at least 4-5 weeks. I do this to give my body a much needed break and to establish more of a healthy balance internally. The changes I notice when doing this are quite remarkable. After just a week, I start to feel brighter, lighter and happier. We are not meant to ingest much sugar at all, aside from those natural sugars found in whole foods. However, as evolution guides us…we are all born with an innate sweet tooth. Going sugar free is hard – I’m not gonna lie. But, it’s only hard for a very short while. As soon as the initial detox occurs, it’s actually quite easy. And, the benefits are completely addicting! Learn about 4 of these main benefits here, courtesy of Mind Body Green.

Want to start a sugar detox of your own? Here’s a great place to start – read this

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Daily Brushing

drybrushing | Daily Brushing | skin care 101 non invasive skin care techniques that work at home spa
One of my New Year’s resolutions was to practice dry brushing daily. It literally takes just a few minutes before each shower or bath…and I definitely bathe daily – so that shouldn’t be too difficult!
I’ve written before about the benefits of dry brushing…but found a great little video from aromatherapist Nadine Artemis and thought I’d share it with all of you. It just may inspire you to start brushing daily!

Watch it here

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The Best of Natural Laundry

laundry | The Best of Natural Laundry | skin conditions
So many people suffer from dermatitis, eczema or skin sensitivity. These people must avoid harsh additives like perfumes, artificial fragrances and fabric softeners. For this reason, many choose natural alternatives for their laundry needs. I personally find some of these alternatives do not live up to expectation in the cleaning and freshening departments. But there is good news! I took to the internet to research the very best laundry options for those who want to avoid harsh ingredients yet demand quality. Here’s what I found – and tested – to be the best:

Best natural laundry detergent –


DIY detergent recipe – which I personally use!


*I personally use Dr Bronners lavender bar soap option in this recipe, and add in a little oxyboost for whitening

Best natural fabric softener DIY


Wool Dryer Balls – a necessity!! I add a couple drops of young living lavender or purification to them before using – amazing!

pixel | The Best of Natural Laundry | skin conditions

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