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Perfect Summertime Mask

honeyorangemask | Perfect Summertime Mask | at home spa
Avocado honey and orange…sounds like the perfect summertime mask! The avocado provides skin-loving oils and fat. Honey is a natural skin softener and hydrator and orange brightens the skin!

Thank you to dailymakeover.com for this wonderful mask recipe:

Avocado Orange Summer Mask

3 tbsp mashed avocado
1 tsp raw organic honey
ΒΌ cup orange juice (preferably freshly squeezed)

combine all ingredients and apply to clean, damp skin for 15 minutes, then rinse!

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Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Tricks

acv | Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Tricks | key active ingredients at home spa
photo courtesy of Anytime Fitness (Pinterest)
I just adore Pinterest as a medium for sharing natural beauty secrets. Apple cider vinegar is such a wonderful ingredient for so many uses. From house cleaning to health to beautiful skin…ACV serves so many purposes. Better yet? It’s healthy and inexpensive. So, if you are interested in what ACV has to offer beyond a killer salad dressing, pin this bad boy to your Pinterest board or simply print it out the old fashioned way!

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Best of the West: Spas

westernspas | Best of the West: Spas | community
By far, my two favorite spas in the Southwestern desert are La Posada de Santa Fe in New Mexico and Mirival Resort and Spa in Arizona. Each place is truly unique and very special. From gourmet food, to peaceful surroundings and luxurious pampering spa treatments, these spa resorts are tough to beat when you want to get away from it all. They even offer extras like classes on health, counseling, mediation, local art, live music, events, yoga, hiking and much more!
If you are ever in the areas, please stop by for a visit…and if you need a great spa getaway – these two destinations are really perfect!

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Your Amazing Skin

skinfacts | Your Amazing Skin | skin conditions skin care 101
Here is a very interesting infographic from UK online beauty shop Beauty Flash with 50 interesting facts about the skin you are in. Enjoy!

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Re purpose Your Candles

bluecanlde | Re purpose Your Candles | at home spa
Ever wonder what you can do with your beautiful candles once they are done burning? Freeze them, pop out the wax, then clean and remove label with oil or nailpolish remover and…voila! A beautiful flower vase or tea light glass! I love mixing these in with silver glasses, gold or mason jars for table decor at parties!

pixel | Re purpose Your Candles | at home spa

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