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Minimize Stress

meditating by water | Minimize Stress | non invasive skin care techniques that work at home spa
We are all stress, right? Stress is the enemy of beautiful skin…and health for that matter. So, in order to help out with the stress in our lives, here are two great articles on minimizing it!!

Reprogramming Inflammation with Mediation

Zen Habits Stress Guide

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Suja Juice Review

Desktop69 | Suja Juice Review | skin nutrition
I usually make all my juices at home. But,m when Im traveling or really busy at the office, bottled juices are just easier. Usually, they are not as high quality, but this wonderful company’s juices rivals the fresh stuff! Suja’s line of juices and smoothies are delicious. My personal favorite is the Suja Glow, which contains 2 apples, 6 celery stalks, ½ a cucumber, a handful of spinach, 3 collard leaves, 3 kale leaves and a sprig of mint…yum! Suja juices are all made using organic cold pressed ingredients. Most mainstream juice companies (Naked, Im looking at you) are not cold pressed. Why is this important?

With cold pressing, the fruits and vegetables are grinded up and placed in a pouch, then squeezed with a tremendous amount of pressure so that every drop of juice is extracted. The result is a nutrient dense juice with a crisp, clean flavor.

So there you go, cold pressed ingredients. What’s even better is that they are made without any added sugars, MSG (yes, you heard right), or preservatives. Instead of preservatives, they pressurize each bottle after filling them. This kills any pathogens. Genius!

Once Suja Classicâ„¢ is in its final packaging, we use Cold Pressure/High Pressure Processing (HPP) to preserve maximum nutrition and high quality freshness. A high level of pressure is applied to the bottles to destroy pathogens while preserving crucial vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.

Look for them in your local health food store, or find a retailer online, using their store locator here.

Want even more information on cold pressing? Here’s a great place to start.


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Daily Inspriration

beautiful | Daily Inspriration | community

Beauty is everywhere for those who seek it. I hope each and every one of you seeks it in the mirror today!!

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Pinterest Find: Essential Oil Chart

38c2310f3b84ec117d547c3d1748c560 | Pinterest Find: Essential Oil Chart | skin care 101 non invasive skin care techniques that work key active ingredients
Don’t you just adore Pinterest? I use essential oils in the spa and at home for numerous things…and I just love this chart, courtesy of G Baldwin and Company! It breaks down the ears of concern, ailments and the essential oils that are commonly used to help balance them and relieve symptoms. Just look at all those oils for the skin alone! Two things to keep in mind: always use pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and always use them with caution. Never use undiluted oils directly on your skin and check for contraindications and sensitivities before using!

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inside | Inspiration | skin nutrition
I love this quote as a daily reminder that we are what we eat and we have complete control over it. This should be mounted on my refrigerator!

pixel | Inspiration | skin nutrition

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