Wax On, Wax Off

waxingWaxing can be a great way to keep unwanted hairs at bay and prevent the irritation associated with shaving, but there are some ground rules to follow.

Try not to wax the entire face: Lips, chin, brow line…great…but leave the peach fuzz on the cheeks and forehead alone if at all possible. These hairs are responsible for softening your skin and the hair follicles produce oil to keep skin protected and moist. Removing these little hairs disturbs the natural balance in oil production and could lead to skin dryness. Dry skin wrinkles faster and easier than oily or balanced skin.

Don’t over tweeze your eyebrows in between waxing appointments. Tweeze only strays and leave the little hairs right around the natural shape of your brows. This way, your brows will keep their beautiful shape.

Do not overexpose your skin to the sun or tanning bulbs before or after waxing. I tell my clients to wait at least a week before and after. Make sure you protect your skin with a natural sunblock and no sunbathing!

Prep your skin at home before your body waxing appointment. Use a gentle body scrub at home the night before your waxing appointment to remove any dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface. This will ensure the smoothest results as the wax will only pick up hair and not dead skin.

Never wax right before your menstrual cycle. Your lymph glands will be a bit swollen and your skin will be extra sensitive.

Only wax at home if you know what you are doing. At home wax kits are available at most beauty supply stores. If you have an area that is easily accessible, like upper lip or underarms, waxing at home can save you a bit of money. That being said, leave the rest to a professional who can easily get to the harder to reach areas. (For example, do not attempt a skimpy or Brazilian bikini without professional help!) Also, there is a technique to waxing without injury. Wax should be warm and melted, not scalding hot (something that can be more difficult to gauge if using microwaveable wax.) Apply the wax in a very thin layer going with the direction of the hair, and remove the wax strip quickly in the opposite direction. Never ever pull up (you’ll end up with a large bruise that way.)

Always ask your esthetician about the wax they are using to make sure you aren’t allergic or sensitive to any added ingredients like color, perfumes, or oils. Be sure to let them know if you are allergic to latex as well, as some gloves may be made with the ingredient.

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