UV Radiation from Energy Efficient Light Bulbs?

fluorescent bulbHere’s a recent article from derm blog that I found interesting. I was unaware that certain “green” fluorescent bulbs (many of which we have in our office and home) actually gave off a bit of UV radiation. Apparently not enough to promote the use of ’round the clock or indoor sunblock, but interesting still. The article also reminds us about not sitting too close to the TV (especially great big flat screens.)

DermBlog-Fluorescent Light Bulbs and UV Exposure

An additional word to the wise about electronics in the home: even when turned off, if TV sets or other electronics remain plugged in they can still emit radiation, so it may be best to avoid these electronics in the bedroom close to where you sleep. We get enough sitting in front of our computers all day! Feng Shui experts also suggest counterbalancing electronic energy with items that promote healthy Chi (energy): like plants, flowing water or windows (preferably the kind that open to let in fresh air.)

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