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We posted a little while ago about how stress can affect your health of your body and your skin. When stress is left unchecked, it can wreak serious havoc on your skin’s beauty potential. Breakouts, dehydration, rashes, fine lines and dark circles are just some of the symptoms you’re dealing with higher than normal stress levels.

While reading one of our favorite celeb-blogs, GOOP, we came across this great article of dealing with daily stress and wanted to pass it along.

Here are our favorite tips, suggested by highly respected stress-busting professionals:

When you are stressed, be aware of your blood sugar levels. It is important to eat several times throughout the day and not go hungry.
Keep up with regular exercise so your body has the opportunity to release all the unwanted energy. Showering before bed can be helpful too. It tends to wash off the stress from a long day to allow you to sleep better. – Dr. Oz Garcia

“There is a tool we all have, one of such simplicity and purity, such minimalistic beauty that its power is often and easily overlooked. This tool doesn’t cost a thing, requires no complicated instruction, is available to everyone and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It is, without a doubt, among the most effective antidotes to stress and a key component to wellbeing that we human beings possess. Let’s consider, for a moment, the power of breathing. – Olivier Bros

There is a kabbalistic tool that can be of assistance in awakening the consciousness of certainty. It is called the mikveh, which is simply immersing our entire body in water, preferably in natural flowing water such as a stream, ocean or river. If that’s not available, then a pool or a bath will also suffice. – Monica Berg

We’d like to add two more de-stressing tips:

Drink more water! When you are stressed, your body uses more H2O and needs more for fuel and hydration. Drinking more water can calm the system quickly and save your face.

Get outside. We live on the coast of Southern California, but wherever you live, getting outside at least once a day to walk, sit, enjoy a sunset or lunch outdoors can do wonders for your overall stress level. The coastline is especially good for de-stressing as the ocean releases negative ions that clear the air and promote healing. Nature can nurture in more ways than one – so go on, get outside.

We live in a world where stress cannot be avoided. We make huge efforts to avoid pesticides, trans fats, harmful chemicals and dyes, but too much stress can be more harmful to our system than all of these things combined. What’s that saying? “The stress will kill you faster than the french fry.” Well, something to that effect anyway. Be sure to take time each and every day to deal with stress in a positive way…your skin will thank you!

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3 replies
  1. fergusonsarah
    fergusonsarah says:

    Nature can nurture in more ways than one – so go on, get outside. Thanks a lot for sharing this very helpful post..

  2. Benjamin Mcdonald
    Benjamin Mcdonald says:

    Love the recommendation to breath & drink water. Touch is also important. Sometimes when a loved one puts their hand on my shoulder or head, my stress drops away. This is about connection.

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