Study: Increasing Numbers of Lawsuits Against Non-Physicians Performing Laser Surgery

Unfortunately, this article from Skin Inc Magazine does not come a s a huge surprise to me, but I wanted to forward it to all of you in order to keep you aware of what’s going on in the skin industry.

This is especially important to remember as cosmetic lasers seem to be popping up just about everywhere! As an esthetician, I believe that professionals should do no harm in order to help clients achieve their skincare goals. I am in the minority on this subject, but the numbers of non-invasive supporters are fast growing in the industry. Lasers can be beneficial in specific situations under very specific circumstances. They are not a “fix-all” treatment category and they can be very very damaging to the skin. Always be sure to research the treatment you are wanting to receive before signing up. Also, make sure that the eshtetician or professional performing your skincare services is licensed, insured and experienced in his or her field.

“The ASDSA Board-approved position statement asserts the practice of medicine includes any act or procedure using a mechanical device if it damages—or is capable of damaging—living tissue. This includes laser hair removal, with the exception of FDA-designated over-the-counter devices.”

“these procedures should only be performed by appropriately trained, licensed physicians or appropriately trained licensed allied health professionals with a physician onsite and immediately available”

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