Stress and Your Skin

stress & rash_bien-etre I am constantly telling clients to relax! These are trying times, but stressing out affects the delicate internal balance (homeostasis) of your body and therefore affects your skin in ways you may not like. Dr. Perricone writes about the effects of stress on the body and the skin in his books. He explains that an increase in stress, whether it be mental emotional or physical, leads to a rise in cortisol and free radicals as well as inflammation (not to mention digestive issues). All these things can lead to rashes, breakouts, dullness, even hyperpigmentation and premature wrinkling of the skin!

Here’s a great article from The Dermatology Blog on how stress can lead to skin rashes.

So…STOP stressing (it does no good anyway) and START managing:

Take up yoga or swimming a few times each week. Yoga forces you to breathe deeply and is both a great workout and very relaxing for your body! Swimming is a great way to allow your body exercise the muscles while feeling free and weightless.

Be sure to get enough real food nutrition and plenty of water everyday – see “Beautiful Skin supplements everyone should be taking”

Get more adequate sleep (and try not to fall asleep to the TV). It’s said that having a Television in the bedroom (even if it’s not turned on) can disrupt your R.E.M. cycle while sleeping. Have trouble falling asleep at a decent hour? Try reading a good book in bed while sipping herbal chamomile or mint tea.

Get facials and massage on a regular basis – Getting these treatments on a regular basis keeps your skin in great working condition and helps you relax and honor yourself. Can’t afford a full spa day each month? Try going in once every three months, and create an at-home spa for yourself once a month. Soak in a bubble bath, apply a hydrating face mask, and use this brown sugar scrub.

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    Quinn Getchell says:

    This has really got me thinking. Thanks for that. I am really looking forward to revisiting this site 🙂

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