How to stay hydrated head-to-toe

Hydration is essential for health and the beauty of your skin. Dry skin ages faster than hydrated skin. Need I say more? For help staying hydrated, here are my best tips:

Drink Water There’s simply no getting around this one. If you want to keep your body hydrated, you need to drink more water. Your body will continue to recycle stale, used water over and over if you aren’t providing it with a fresh supply. Stale water = ugly skin and headaches. How much water do you need? The general rule is about half your weight in ounces. (Divide your weight in half and then drink that many ounces, or more, daily.) Add lemon, lime or cucumber to flavor water if you like, just don’t add anything synthetic, like Crystal Light, etc. That stuff is crap (pardon my French.)

Eat more fruits and veggies Fruits (like watermelon, berries, kiwi and citrus) contains lots of water. So do vegetables like cucumber, green leafies and celery. They will naturally cool your body throughout warmer months and provide extra hydration (as well as loads of vitamins and antioxidants known to beautify the skin.)

Exfoliate Regularly, but Gently Gentle sugar or salt scrubs, dry brushing and enzyme masks or exfoliating cleansers are needed to help skin retain more moisture and prevent dead skin build-up. Just be sure to not over exfoliate. Exfoliating too often or with the use of harsh ingredients will lead to skin de-hydration…the exact opposite reaction we want.

Speaking of harsh ingredients…Avoid SLS or other harsh soaping and cleansing agents in the shower as they will strip your skin or it’s protective hydrolipid barrier and through it into temporary dehydration. Instead, use a product containing a natural surfactant, like coconut (as used in all Malie Organics Body Washes!) *BONUS – use a shower head filter that removes excess chlorine from your water. Chlorine is very very drying for your skin.

Towel Dry only half-way Applying body lotion or oil to slightly damp skin may lock in more moisture than completely drying skin first.

Nourish your face daily Using a nourishing active serum, oil or moisture treatment every day (at least once) will ensure your skin is getting what it needs topically. Your skin will work with natural vitamin and nutrient supplies, but can run low. Providing skin with emollient plant oils, protective vitamins and immune boosting antioxidants will increase your skin’s beauty potential and help prevent dehydration. (HINT – no need to douse your skin in heavy creams…that can just overwhelm it. Use moisture when needed and choose active serums over heavy duty creams – unless you are extremely dry!)

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