Get Your Skin Ready For Summer!

Summer is almost here! If you are anything like me, it’s a time for sundresses, flip flops and beach walks. All this means showin’ a little extra skin. Is your skin up to summer standards? Follow these 5 easy tips and get your skin ready for summer:

Dry brush before every shower – I say this all-the-time. The dry brush is our friend! Doing this before every shower will gently exfoliate, stimulate the lymphatic system and increase circulation. All of these things are necessary for beautiful skin. Dry brushing is also highly recommended for those of us wanting to minimize or prevent cellulite!!

Re-hydrate from the inside out – Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day to keep your skin fully hydrated. Limit sugary and caffeinated beverages, and drink more water or herbal tea instead. Load your meals with hydrating fruits and veggies, instead of filling up on starches or carbs. If you haven’t already, enjoy a green drink or juice (once a day is ideal.) Greens are inflammation busters and help keep skin glowing from the inside out. They will also help to detoxify the body and reduce acid, which keeps skin youthful.

Switch your shower head – Unless you have a built-in water filtration system for your bathrooms, think about getting a filtered shower head. They are available at Home Depot and online. In California, we have a very high amount of fluoride and chlorine in our tap water, which dries the skin and hair (especially when used hot – and most of us are taking hot showers.)

Don’t forget to moisturize – after every shower or bath, apply a natural lotion or body oil from shoulders to toes. This will seal in moisture to help protect your skin from dehydration. Using a plant based oil, like coconut, will provide extra antioxidants and vitamins to keep skin plump and smooth.

Get a better shave – switch from a traditional shaving cream (which are loaded with synthetic chemicals) to a more natural version. (We like Alba botanicals shave cream.) Better yet, don’t buy a separate shaving product, and use Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap (which acts as a soap / body wash / shaving cream) or use your natural hair conditioner to shave. Your skin will stay softer for it in the long run, without the use of harsh chemicals or dyes.

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