Skin Care to Save Your Hands

hand_washingWith the flu bug going around like never before, we are all taking extra precautions this fall season to stay healthy. Hand sanitizers and frequent hand washing are both extremely important steps to keeping harmful germs at bay..but this cleanliness comes at a cost – to our manicures. Maintaining healthy skin doesn’t stop at the neckline mind you.

Frequent washing and use of alcohol based sanitizers dries the skin, cuticles and nails causing a build-up of rough flaky skin and nail breakage. One way to prevent this is to apply lotion after every wash, making sure the base of the lotion is plant and nut oil and not petroleum. Occlusive ingredients like beeswax, mineral oils and silicone will only provide temporary relief from dryness. They also prevent the skin from breathing or producing moisture, so in the long run, they can actually make skin drier.

Instead of reaching for the Lubriderm, why not upgrade to something better?

Pure Fiji’s Coconut Body Lotion in White Gingerlily or Mango Pure Fiji Body Butter are two amazing moisture treatments for the skin and hands. The cold-pressed coconut oil base it extremely nourishing and absorbs within minutes, leaving skin soft not greasy. Salma Hayak was even recently caught sharing her love for Mango Body Butter, and who can blame her? The tropical sweet scent lingers beautifully on the skin hours after application.

Don’t want to lug around body lotion all day? SpaRitual’s Cuti-Cocktail comes in a compact container small enough to keep in your purse or your desk drawer. Don’t let the size fool you, though. This little container packs a nutritious punch. Grape seed and sunflower oils are blended with Evening Primrose, Vitamins A, C and E to provide superior moisture and antioxidant protection. Apple and papaya extracts are added in to soften dry skin and ragged cuticles. Horse Chestnut, Chamomile and Yarrow soothe the skin, minimizing irritation.

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