Shout Out for Sanitas Solar Block!

Discover SD is a fun publication that keeps us locals ‘up to speed’ on the latest trends, happenings and specials San Diego has to offer. They recently selected bien-etre’s Sanitas Solar Block as one of this summer’s beach bag must haves. Thanks for the love, and thanks for spreading the word on proper sun protection!

Smart Sun Rule:

Using a sun block with titanium and / or zinc oxide every time you are out in the sun is important, especially if you are in the water or on the white sandy beach as the reflection from both can intensify the effects of the sun on your skin. Be careful not to use synthetic sunscreens, as they may be toxic. Recent studies have brought to light some of these dangerous ingredients and their side effects. Chemical sunscreens still allow the UV rays to enter the skin, then change the way they react with your skin in order to prevent burning, which still causes inflammation, hyperpigmentation, redness, free radical production, and other skin foes. My advice is to use an SPF with the natural sun-blocking minerals mentioned above so that the UV rays are literally blocked from penetrating your skin – keeping you safer.

Shop for Solar Block and other great summer skin care items now!

*Special thanks to Teri at Discover SD

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