RESPECT…Find out what it means to your skin!

Respect your skin! Here’s how:

R is for

Rest – get enough! Your skin repairs and renews while you sleep and rest. The more you get, the more your skin can work to heal itself. You know when you aren’t getting adequate rest. Your eyes are puffy, your skin is dehydrated and dull, and your mind is foggy…so get more! Resting your skin is also important. Often we over exfoliate or overdo active ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acids. By resting your skin (anywhere from 24-72 hours) in between active products at home can help your skin get the most of of those active ingredients without becoming inflamed or dehydrated.

E is for

Eat your greens! Green leafy plants are the most nutrient rich foods we can eat. Green grasses (seaweeds in particular,) have a high mineral content that is absorbed from the surrounding soil or ocean water. Minerals are essential for vital health of the skin because they are used in virtually every body function, including cellular repair. Green veggies like Kale, broccoli, spinach, nori, bok choy and others also help calm inflammation in the body which, in turn, keeps skin youthful and clear. Need a green boost? We love Vitamineral Greens!

S is for

Schedule regular facials! I hear it all the time from my clients…regular facials make a huge difference in the texture, clarity and elasticity of their skin. It’s true! Monthly facial treatments like gentle peels, deep cleansing facials, peptide treatments, stem cell therapy and ultrasound provide your skin with results that cannot be attained at home with products alone. Simple facial, neck and scalp massage increases lymphatic drainage, healthy circulation and detoxification and is an important part of skincare.

P is for

Practice yoga! Yoga is a great workout for the muscles and the systems of the body. Certain poses increase healthy circulation can even massage internal organs to promote healing within the body. The healthier your body is, the prettier your skin will be. Yoga is a complete body workout that focuses on deep breathing. Something as simple as a breath can provide so much for the skin in the form of fresh oxygen and detoxification.

E is for

Exercise and sweat regularly! Exercise helps reduce stress and increases hormones that leave us feeling happy and balanced. Sweating, as I’ve mentioned before, is a great way to cleanse the pores and increase healthy circulation. Whether you choose to run and hike, swim, bike, walk, lift weights or go to yoga…regular exercise will keep your skin clear! As a bonus, hit the steam room a few times a week and sweat some more!*

C is for

Consume tons of fresh, clean water! Drinking more water (clean, not tap) is an easy way to enhance gentle detoxification in the body and re-hydrate your skin. Skin needs water and oil for a proper moisture balance. When your body is dehydrated, it will start taking water from various parts to reserve for the brain. Your skin is the first organ to go thirsty. Dry skin ages faster, so keep hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses (or 80 ounces) of water daily. You will want to drink more if you are pregnant, sick, stressed, or consume caffeine or alcohol.

T is for

Treat your skin with antioxidants and hydration! Topical antioxidant and hydration serums are a necessity for beautiful skin. Look for hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A-K, botanical squalane, nut and plant oils, aloe, and other botanical ingredients to feed your skin from the inside out!

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