Quick Skin Tip: Tomatoes for Minor Burns

Have any of you ever accidentally burned yourself getting something out of the oven, with the curling iron, or ah-hem, in the sun? It hurts, and it’s even worse when the skin blisters. Most of our mothers have told us that running the burn under cold water immediately helps to soothe the burn and prevent it from getting worse (which is true.) But I’ve found another little trick that can easily be done after the cold water treatment to help prevent blistering: tomatoes!

Slice a fresh cold tomato and apply (skin-side out) directly to the affected are of the skin. Hold the tomato in place for at least 10-15 minutes. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an important nutrient that reduces the heat from minor burns. (*Common sense note: If you have a serious burn, get to the doctor immediately.)

Incidentally eating tomatoes on the regular can help prevent sunburn, so make sure you stock up this summer! The antioxidants and lycopene found in tomatoes strengthens the skin’s natural protection from UV radiation and inflammation.

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