Pure Fiji: Mango

pure fiji mangoMango is here!!

Just in time for the Holidays we are introducing our newest recruit from the Pure Fiji line: Mango.

The sweet scent combination of sugary coconut, rich macadamia and dilo nuts and juicy mango fruit is so delicious, it has already become a rock star in the Pure Fiji line among our clients, friends and families!

Pure Fiji is a natural bath and body products manufacturer which caters to the exclusive spa and salon industry. Founded 12 years ago by Gaëtane Austin and her daughter Andrée, Pure Fiji began research, development, and production of their uniquely Fijian products around the family kitchen table. Organics and natural products are popular now, but Pure Fiji has always appreciated the numerous benefits of coconut oil and the myriad of botanical and herbal curatives and remedies that have been utilized by the Fijian people for hundreds of years.

“I have worn Pure Fiji Mango for years as my signature scent, and I am obsessed with it! I get so many compliments – It’s not abnormal for me to get stopped on the street and asked what fragrance I’m wearing. The shower gel and body butter are staples in my daily beauty routine. The sweet scent and the rich moisture keep my skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing!” – Michelle

Get it while it’s still on our shelves!!

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