Product Spotlight: Osmosis Restore Serum

I’ve recently added a new game changer to my skincare arsenal: Osmosis Restore Serum. Restore is a remarkable product that contains a specialized extract of sweet wormwood (SWE). SWE has been clinically proven to improve and strengthen immune function in the body which should improve overall wellness and conditions that relate to our immune system.

Target your skin directly to correct existing areas of inflammation and pigmentation. Sweet Wormwood Extract works to heal the damaged skin cells in the dermal-epidermal junction that signal the melanocyte to over-produce pigmentation. (I’ve mentioned the importance of the this “junction” before here.) Once the cell is healed it allows the melanocyte to produce normal amounts of protective melanin. Sweet Wormwood Extract has the ability to calm inflammation, but even more exciting is its ability to promote wound healing at the same time. Acne, rosacea, burns, bug bites and everything else will get better.

Resore heals the cause of inflammation and hyperpigmentation on all skin types.

Full ingredient List:

Internal Restore: Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Extract of Sweet Wormwood

Topical Restore: Purified Water, Cyclodextrin, Carbomer, Glycerin, Sweet Wormwood Extract

“In November 2012, I decided to give Osmosis a shot at removing my melasma that had appeared on both sides of my face 3 months after I delivered my son. They were the size of golf balls. The left side of my cheek actually looked like the state of California, seriously! I had been using a prescription cream of hydroquinone from a dermatologist for the past 6 months that had done absolutely nothing to improve my melasma condition. It only served to make my cheeks red and swollen. I looked like I had a very bad sunburn, not to mention how sensitive my skin became. Applying lotion or even just washing my face was a painful experience. Then I started using the Osmosis Skincare line. I figured I had nothing to lose as I had tried everything else out there. After 30 days of use I experienced a 50% decrease in my melasma! I was so happy and thankful something finally worked, that I incorporated several other products into my skin care regimen from the Osmosis Skincare line. My melasma is almost all gone and it has only been 4 months. I wish I would have known about Osmosis a long time ago. It feels great to not worry about using make-up or concealer to hide my face anymore!” ~ Yolanda

The before and after photo above (courtesy of Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare) shows the extent of what Restore can do when used topically. These results were seen after 180 days of using Restore Topical daily. The client also received a Retinaldehyde Facial Treatment. My clients love this facial treatment because it delivers results and is super gentle on the skin.

Much of the information from this post came from Dr. Ben Johnson and the Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare website – for more information on Osmosis and Restore, visit them here!

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