Premature Aging and Your DNA

All of us will age at some rate as we get older. Certain factors, however, can speed this aging process up and cause us to look older sooner. Overexposure to the sun, physical trauma and exposure to toxins and harsh chemicals are all external (or extrinsic) aging factors. Internal (or intrinsic) factors include genetics, poor diet and emotional or mental stress. We can add one more to the list of intrinsic aging factors, though…our DNA’s telomeres.

Telomeres are protein complexes that form at the end of each strand of our chromosomes. If our chromosomes were shoelaces, telomeres would be those little plastic thingies at the ends, holding everything together. Telomeres protect our DNA from fraying or unraveling, both of which can lead to premature aging in the skin. They also regulate cell division. Just as overexfoliation and trauma can lead to dermal thinning, so can telomere damage.

As we age, our telomeres shorten naturally. However, things like stress, poor diet and trauma also shorten and damage telomeres. Shortened telomeres lead to a degeneration of collagen and elastin. This causes premature aging of our skin.

In order to keep them (and our skin) healthy, we need to follow some simple rules:
reduce stress
improve diet
minimize skin trauma (including UV overexposure, harsh peels, etc)
get regular facials and use effective skincare products at home that target dermal repair.

Ingredients that focus on dermal and cellular repair work to strengthen telomeres. Among many other benefits!

For more information on Telopmeres, Healthy living and Aging…read this terrific article:

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