My Natural ‘first aid’ kit

It’s smart to have a first aid kit on hand at home or in the office. Most first aid kits include bandages, ointment and other odds and ends – but many of those products are synthetic. I wanted to create something a bit more helpful for everyday needs. I always keep gloves, bandages, and hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel around, but added other products in that I love to use for those bumps, bruises and ouchies that come with being human.


My natural “first aid” kit includes:

Surfer’s balm – this wonderful natural balm is made with olive oil, plantain leaf, comfrey leaf, beeswax, aloe, rosemary, lavender leaf, vitamin E, tea tree oil and lavender essential oil. It’s made on Kauai and great for overexposed, chapped, sun or wind burned skin!

grapefruit seed extract – 10 drops of this liquid supplement into purified water will help keep sore throats and cold symptoms at bay. Grapefruit seed is a natural anti fungal antibacterial ingredient, and calms inflammation as well.

Sanitas Topical C – this product is meant to be a moisture serum for the face and neck, but it can also be used to help heal minor burns, cuts, scratches and abrasions. The high concentration of Vitamin C speeds healing time and acts as a protectant from free radicals. (Just make sure the skin is sealed before applying.)

coconut oil – for a great all over moisturizer. I also use this as the base of my body scrubs and many of my facial masks!

tea tree oil – I use tea tree oil post waxing to prevent irritation and remove excess wax, on nailbeds to keep them clean, and on bug bites to calm the itchy sensation and kill bacteria. You can also dilute in water and add a bit of lavender for room freshener or yoga mat cleaner!

Raw Organic Honey – the BEST facial mask all on it’s own. I use this for dry skin, sensitive skin, chapped lips and as a gentle exfoliant. Raw honey contains all the B vitamins (pun intended) exfoliating enzymes, and has natural antibacterial properties. It also helps draw moisture into the skin.

Traumeel – a wonderful arnica-based gel that can be used on sore muscles, bruises, achy joints, and for menstrual cramps.

Collect all the items you find most helpful, or steal some of my ideas…and put them in a cute cosmetic bag: I found some great bags at Walmart and Target – and voila, fancy first aid kit!

Another Favorite Not pictured :

liquid chlorophyll added to drinking water,. liquid chlorophyll provides your blood with extra oxygen to help keep your immune system healthy and provide extra energy. The green power of chlorophyll will also help calm internal inflammation.

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