Natural Lip Balms for Kissable Lips

Kiss Petroleum Goodbye! I’ve written about lip balm before, and how many of us are completely addicted to it. Most lip balms like chapstick, use petroleum based ingredients to moisturize and protect lips. Petroleum is not only toxic, it coats the lips and blocks proper absorption of moisture, which in turn makes your lips more dry and dependent on balms.

However, lips do need a little extra moisture…as long as it comes from a natural source like nut or plant oils. I’m a fan of plain ol’ cocoa butter or coconut oil, but these can be difficult to throw in your purse or pocket. Here are three of my new favorite balms. They are as cute as they are moisturizing:

I love these adorable little lip pods. They are stylish, easy to apply and taste great – my only “beef” with them is that the sunscreen they contain is not natural.

Honest Lips

I just love this company and these lip balms stand up to their name. They are honestly naturally and wonderful.

Eco Lips

I love that the eco lip balms are inexpensive and come in an tinted option.

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