Manicures and Fresh Lip Treatments in San Francisco

Nail Bar, Coffee Bar, Fragrance Bar…

We hit up all three in our girl’s afternoon. The Misson neighborhood is known as an eclectic and laid back up-and-coming area of San Francisco. It attracts young families, single professionals and artists due, in part to its mix of quiet residential streets, busy locally owned shops and dog friendly parks with hills that overlook the city perfectly! Among the local shops are some great perk-you-up coffee bars, including our favorite: Cafe Que Tal. It’s located right next to a cute  little mani/pedi salon, so….two birds, right?

The coffee was strong yet smooth and delicious. Coffee is a treat (due to it’s high caffeine levels and the fact that it dehydrates the skin.) So when I partake, it needs to be the best organic, high altitude coffee I can get my paws on. Cafe Que Tal is a neighborhood favorite, and also offers a wide variety of teas and treats. However, we couldnt stay and chat because there were nails to be done. Although my favorite nail polish is Spa Ritual for its vegan non-toxic approach, Essie is a close second. The colors are true, brilliant and bound to get your fingers and toes noticed….especially when you choose colors like we did: lime green, aqua and bright raspberry! As an esthetician, my nails are always short…so fun colors are my preference when I can get away with them…like during a reconnasance trip to San Francisco.

After nails were polished and caffeine was coursing through our veins, we headed over to Union Square to the Fresh boutique to test out their new-er sugar lip treatment. As soon as we entered the cute little corner shop, I was distracted by the fragrance bar in the window…lips would have to wait. I loved that you could test all the different scent or even blend your own (if desired) before purchasing your signature fragrance. Pear cassis and tobacco caramel were the front runners, but tobacco ultimately won out. OK, now the lips.

The Fresh brown sugar body scrub is what inspired me to start making scrubs at home years ago, so I wanted to test out their sugar lip scrub and quenching lip balm as soon as I’d heard about how wonderful they were. They call their testing stations “Fresh experiences,” and the lip “experience” was delicious! Brown sugar, molasses, jojoba, Castor oil, and Shea butter are blended to exfoliate dry lips and keep them hydrated. As I’ve mentioned before, sugar is a natural exfoliant and humectant for the skin. Sugar is also a key ingredient in Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with spf 15 (also available in tinted version – which I love.) The lip treatments also contains black currant oil with ‘plumping’ fatty acids and grapeseed oil for antioxidant protection.

Organic coffee? Check! Bright new nails? Check! New signature fragrance and softer, plump lips? Check! What’s next on the itinerary? Stay tuned to find out..

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