Lastest Research and Skin Care Finds

I wanted to share some of the latest finds and skincare goodies I’ve been researching. I will be posting on each in more depth in the coming week to help you jump-start a healthy and beautiful New Year!

Ferulic Acid – a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body. These free radicals could cause damage to cell membranes and DNA in the body.

Acai Oil– a more potent antioxidant than mangosteen, prunes, pomegranates, cranberries, nothing comes close. The Acai Berry boasts the highest per unit value of antioxidant power of any edible fruit in the world. It’s oil is cold-pressed from the seeds the seeds by hand from protected regions of Amazon rain forest and immediately processed under cold and air-free conditions to yield the freshest, purest oil possible. Yum!

Sea Buckthorn Berry– Ive mentioned this ingredient before, but wanted to research more ways to use it. It’s been used for thousands of years in skin and body care (internally and topically) and has special cell regeneration benefits.

Genesis Power 4: Goji, Acai, Noni and Mangosteen Juice! A client turned me on to this energizing life-force drink and Ive been testing it out. So far so good!!

Great Soap Blog: The Soap Bar – funny how so much can be said about something most of us probably take for granted. If you are still using Dove or Irish Spring, you need to check out this blog!!

For Essential Oils and Body Oils, the Funky Family at Living Libations – a very Earth friendly, family owned company form Canada with some great reviews!

Osmosis Infusion Retinaldehyde Peel: professional only – Ive tested this peel before and wanted to re-visit for a possible addition to the bien-etre family of gentle peels…I will keep you posted!

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