Homeopathy for your Skin

homeopathy-and-skinEmphasizing the importance of the whole body, as well as the connection between all of its parts, holistic skincare approaches each skin condition and treatment with the whole body and spirit in mind, not just the symptoms.

“Skin is our largest organ.”

We’ve all heard that, right? Well, it’s true. We oftentimes disregard this small fact because skin is tough – it takes lots of abuse from the outside elements and our daily lives. Skin is directly and indirectly connected to the entire body’s intricately designed system. Our skin holds up nicely, given the conditions we often put it through, and shows only minor signs of damage like wrinkles and redness, when we push it too far.

“Skin is an integral component of our health.”

We don’t hear this one as much – but it’s true as well! Here are some reasons why:

  • skin is self-healing, constantly working to maintain cellular structure and collagen production, so that any damage is corrected. *The key is getting enough nutrition into the skin and minimizing skin stress so that this damage control can be efficient.
  • skin aids in detoxification of our body (helping internal organs eliminate toxins and waste through the pores.
  • skin regulates our temperature via sweat glands, protecting our internal organs from overheating.
  • skin is a built-in communication system alerting us of any internal imbalance or deficiency. Anytime we are dehydrated or lacking in sufficient fatty acids, our skin becomes dry and sensitive. If we eat or wear something that doesn’t agree with our system, our skin notifies us with a rash. When internal inflammation and stress becomes too high, our skin will break-out or produce excess melanin to let us know we need to slow down and balance our diet and our life.

By incorporating holistic principles, we can learn to use this ‘integral component’ and ‘largest organ’ to benefit our entire body (and look beautiful in the process!)

Want more information? Here is a great article from Organic Spa Magazine on how a more holistic approach can benefit our skin.

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