Grocery Store and Meal Inspriation

photos courtesy of OhDearDrea

I came across this set of posts from an adorable blog called OhDearDrea and wanted to share with you! So many of you have asked about grocery shopping lists and meal ideas that are healthy and skin-friendly. Since heavy amounts of sugar, meat and dairy can cause congestion in the skin, I like this vegan mom’s take on weekly meals. The best part is that she doesn’t spend a fortune, even though over 90% of the items on her list are organic!

Here’s the list from her web blog:

2.99 potatoes (a TON)
2.63 two red onions
2.12 tomatoes three
3.99 package of grape tomatoes
1.77 limes three
.79 cucumber
.65 garlic
1.49 green onion
2.99 package of mushrooms
2.49 bag of carrots
.86 green pepper
1.69 small can diced tomato
1.29 can tomato paste
2.39 large can whole tomato
2.39 large can crushed tomato
1.39 can garbanzo
1.39 can garbanzo
1.39 can blackbeans
1.39 can blackbeans
3.99 loaf of sourdough
4.29 package of vegan cheese
.75 soy yogurt
1.99 block of tofu
3.29 tofutti cream cheese

Extras this week:
3.86 eggplant
5.99 two pound bag of lemons (yes thats a lot. It’s lemonade time!)
2.96 cabbage
10.00 avocados
4.08 yams
6.49 two pound container strawberries

Grand total: $83.78

Visit her blog here for some of the lunches and dinners she made from this trip to the grocery store, like black bean burgers, Indian rice and potatoes, roasted carrots and yummy pasta with homemade sauce and green salad – YUM!

Keep in mind that some staples (like rice and oil) are not on this list and additional items (like strawberries and lemons) are added. I would also substitute some of the soy-based products (like soy cheese) for the real deal (organic) and limit the amount I use.

Thanks, Drea, for the grocery shopping inspiration!

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