More evidence for Rosacea Mites

I’m a bit germ-phobic. This comes in handy for my chosen profession, and for house cleaning. It does not, however, come in handy for something like this fact: each and every one of us has teeny tiny bugs living on our skin – all the time!!!! I learned this years ago, but somehow figured out a way to put it in way in the back of my mind, not thinking about it on a regular basis. After reading up on the latest skincare news, I will be thinking about it all day long. You see, there are several theories for the root cause of Rosacea. Yes, you heard correctly, we don’t actually know with 100% certainty what causes Rosacea. A theory that has held strong for years includes these teeny bugs that live on us, called demodex mites. You see, they normally don’t cause any problems…but sometimes, they overpopulate and irritate our pores, causing inflammation and breakouts associated with Rosacea. To be more exact, their feces (cue dry heaves) causes Rosacea symptoms.

This wonderfully informative article, published recently, discusses a study in Mexico that supports the Rosacea mite theory. The study found a higher number of demodex mites in the skin of Rosacea sufferers.

I love the first sentence of this article, published a while back. “In truly disgusting news…” Yes, that was my sentiment also.

In many cases, Rosacea sufferers can see improvement in their skin with the help of specific antibiotics meant for these mites and their…er…poop. Gross, but true. In any case, those who suffer from Rosacea of rosacea-like symptoms can see improvements in their skin by reducing inflammation and strengthening the dermis. Osmosis Medical Skincare does wonders for this, and I recommend it often.

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