Dermarolling Looks Scary, but Does it Really Work?

DERMA ROLLINGDermarolling sounds fun until you get a look at the equipment used. A subtle reminder of what our ancestors were faced with in medieval torture chambers perhaps. All kidding aside, this little gadget has been getting lots of attention lately for treatment of acne scarring.

The treatment stems from the principle of skincare: burn a burn. This means that in order to fix severely damaged and scarred skin cells, one needs to carefully wound the affected area in order to bring blood flow, nutrients and healing activity. This is also the theory behind certain laser resurfacing treatments and deep chemical peels.

I don’t recommend dermarolling unless a client has moderate to severe scarring. Even then I would suggest a series of peels and facials first, as these treatments will benefit the skin in multiple ways, not just scar reduction.

Alternating dermarolling or peels with therapeutic facials and home care including a gentle cleanser, Vitamin A and Vitamin C will yield the very best results! You will have definite downtime and there is a risk of bacterial invasion or infection, so always make sure that you go to a trusted physician or plastic surgeon for dermarolling.

In order to get results, proper home care and rest needs to be taken into account. Also, if scars are deeply pitted, there may be a total lack of skin protein. In this case, results will be slim to none.

As far as the “home” version of dermarolling…don’t count on any major change. Besides that could be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

This article highlight’s the author’s fist person experience with dermarolling

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