E Coli in Makeup Counter Testers?

Eeeeek! Ladies, before your next venture to the make-up counter read this:
LA Times

We’ve all done it…sharing make-up that is. Come on…”Hey that lip gloss is really pretty, can I try some?” or “My face is shiny, do you have any powder I can use?” You know you’ve done it before.  It’s between friends, right?

Well, what about a few hundred, possibly thousand, strangers? That’s what you’re doing when using make-up testers at the mall. Most counters are well trained in sanitation, but not all follow procedure (I’ve seen first hand the cut corners when they are in a hurry. Besides it’s almost impossible to sanitize testers when the counter is busy or unattended.)

This article is based on a two-year study conducted on public make-up testers:

“We went to department stores, specialty stores, drugstores — everywhere,” she says. Her researchers found staph, strep and even E. coli bacteria on makeup testers…Brooks says that when they tested the makeup on Saturdays — the day with the most traffic at cosmetic counters — the percentage of tainted makeup was 100%.”

Always ask for each make-up tester to be sanitized in front of you before you use it. For skincare or lotions, opt for samples in lieu of testers whenever possible as they are individually packaged and sealed to ensure safety. Many places, like Sephora, issue samples from their testers, so be careful of this, and it is virtually impossible to sanitize lotion from a tester.
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