Certain Chemical Sun Screens Could Be More Dangerous than UV Exposure

CBS Atlanta recently posted this article on the possible dangers of chemical sun screen ingredients, like Oxybenzone. I’ve been telling my clients for years to choose sun blocking ingredients like zinc for skin protection. Yes, the chemical sunscreens are cheaper, but at what cost to your skin and your health?

Here’s a snippet from the article:

Dr. Kenneth Proefrock, who once worked as a sunscreen chemist, said oxybenzone can change the way hormones work in our bodies.
“That could mean something as relatively benign and not life threatening as fertility issues, and then something as potentially life threatening as hormone sensitive cancers, like breast, prostate, ovarian cancers,” Proefrock said.
Proefrock pointed out that the sunscreen itself isn’t toxic — until it’s exposed to sunlight.
“Those agents that give you the highest SPF rating are the ones that are most likely to break down in the presence of sunlight,” he said.

Read the full article here.

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