Brushing Up

There are so many great tools out there to enhance your at-home regime that I thought I’d make mention of some of my favorites, along with some client favorites!

Facial Brushes

For Exfoliation & Deep Cleansing:
There has been a lot of talk lately about Clarisonic. These brushes work because they aid in the penetration of your cleanser and help loosen dirt, make-up and surface oils that can be a little sticky at the end of the day. I am all for a thorough cleansing, but don’t think you need to spend upwards of $200 in order to do it. There are many great gentle facial cleansing brushes that can be just as effective. You can also use these gentle brushes with your choice of a gentle facial scrub (as long as the granules are round so that they do not scratch the skin.) I would also argue that if you cleansed your skin with an active cleanser twice, say Sanitas Glycolic Citrus Cleanser, you would get equal cleansing results. I often recommend this to my clients who wear make-up daily for work or events, as well as any oily or congested skin complexions. If you love your Clarisonic – more power to you (I actually really enjoyed it as well!) But, if you don’t already have one, I would recommend using something comparable but much lower in price, and investing in a high quality cleanser and monthly facial treatments instead (a great facial will do much more for your skin than any amount of Clarsonic-ing.)

Be sure to keep your facial cleansing brush clean and sanitized by allowing it to dry thoroughly on a clean towel before storing in a dry, clean container. Don’t expect the brush to last forever, you will want to replace it like you would a toothbrush.

For Masking:
I always recommend weekly masking as a way to enhance and prolong the benefits of a facial. Since most of us cannot go in to see our esthetician every week (celebrities excluded) masking is a wonderful “at-hom” treat for your skin. It is even better when you can apply your masks (be they enzyme, clay-based, hydrating, or homemade) with a fan brush. I use them in every facial and they really do help masks go on smoothly and avoid overuse of product.
Measure out the amount of product needed to cover your face and neck and place product in a small glass or cermaic bowl / cup. Dampen the fan brush and place in bowl / cup with product so that a tiny bit of water can blend in and loosen it up. Use the brush to stir the product until the consistency is like thin yogurt, then apply to face starting at forehead, and moving down to the neck.

Same cleaning rules apply to this brush: Allow it to dry completely before storing properly and replace when necessary!

Dry Brushes
I talk about dry brushing quite a bit because it is such an easy way to improve your skin’s health, as well as prevent rough skin and cellulite. No need to repeat myself when you can read all about it here.
Dry brushes can often be found at local health food stores and are all over the internet. Be sure to only use the brush on dry skin and store it in a dry, clean container or environment in between uses. Also be sure to purchase a brush with natural, soft bristles and a wood base. Wood is naturally self cleaning!

Make-up Brushes
The good ones really do make a difference in the way your make-up goes on and stays on. I use Mineral Make-up, so my brushes are especially important for me. I love Everyday Minerals brushes because they have cruelty-free bristles that don’t fall out or get rough and bamboo handles that stay clean and are environmentally friendly! Check them out here.

Be sure to clean your make-up brushes with facial cleanser or baby shampoo at LEAST once a week to avoid breakouts. After cleaning, squeeze remaining water out and shake them gently to ensure the bristles can dry properly. Place them on a clean towel or paper towel overnight to dry and then put them back in their case. Do not let them hang out in the bottom of your make-up bag or purse as they will get very very dirty – ewww!

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  1. peter0berts
    peter0berts says:

    My girlfriend want to know how to keep her makeup brushes clean. She is following the procedure from this article and at the moment, she is grad by the results. However, she is afraid that she will damage the bristles. What is your opinion?

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