Breast Milk Therapy

Kim Kardashian was recently seen using breast milk to treat her psoriasis outbreaks. Now, I know that this is probably more interesting to me being that I am a new, breastfeeding mommy. But, it is certainly worth mentioning that skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be helped with something as natural and gentle as breast milk.

Breast milk is the ideal diet for a newborn baby due to it’s high levels of antibodies and perfectly balanced nutrients. However, nature certainly stepped it up a notch by making breast milk mufti-functional. The antibodies present in this milk help to calm and heal the skin, and the vitamins present in the milk help to strengthen and nourish.

Other skin conditions and symptoms that can benefit from a little milk therapy are bug bites, hives, acne, and dermatitis rashes. Breastfeeding women are encouraged to use their own breast milk to heal sore nipples, as well as clear up their baby’s diaper rash.

Although breast milk may not be readily available for topical use, if you or someone in your family is breastfeeding and you are experiencing any of the above mentioned skin conditions, I highly recommend giving it a try!

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