bien-etre Joins Surfrider and Save Japan Dolphins

bien-etre is located in the sunny surf town of Solana Beach, just north of San Diego. This means that I get to enjoy driving to work every day with the glistening ocean right by my side. This past week, the sun was shining and the surfers were out for their morning jaunt and I just couldn’t help feeling giddy with gratitude for the beauty surrounding me.

Summer weekends (when I’m not in the skincare studio) are spent with my toes in the cool blue waters of the Pacific, watching the glassy ocean roll into massive waves and crash on shore, whales spouting off in the distance near the horizon and fishing birds circling overhead. It’s pretty amazing actually…that is why we’ve added two new organizations to our support list.

In addition to The Nature Conservancy and San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy, a portion of bien-etre’s proceeds will also go to The Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter and Save Japan Dolphins! Again, by supporting the health of your skin, you are also taking part in supporting the health of our planet!

The Surfrider Foundation

“The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education. Represented by over 50,000 members and 60+ local chapters in the U.S., the Surfrider Foundation also has affiliations in Australia, Japan, France, and Brazil. The core activities and campaigns that the Surfrider Foundation uses to protect our oceans, waves and beaches fall into the categories of Clean Water, Beach Access, Beach Preservation and Protecting Special Places. Surfrider’s greatest strength is our Grassroots, community-based focus and our ability to act. Education is a core mission. We have many educational resources available for students of all ages.”

Save Japan Dolphins

We recently visited Kauai on a research and inspiration trip for bien-etre and fell in love! As part of the trip, we experienced the Na Pali Coast from an ocean raft and marveled at the beauty of hundreds of dolphins swimming, playing and checking us out and flirt. We watched in awe while dolphins large and small circled, jumped and breached so close that we could literally reach out to touch them. It was truly an experience I will never forget and I want to be able to do all that I can do to support these incredibly wise and playful creatures.

As part of the Earth Island Institute in Berkeley, CA, Save Japan Dolphins aims to stop the slaughter of dolphins and other marine mammals in Taiji, Japan. This Foundation and organization got some much needed press attention after the documentary “The Cove” won an Academy Award. You can also help this organization by visiting their website and donating or signing their petition. There may be some upsetting images on the website (they upset me enough to get really angry about what’s going on there.)

“I hope you’ll join me in this campaign to stop the killing of dolphins in Japan. Most people in Japan don’t have any idea that the dolphin slaughter is even happening. If we can spread the word around the world – and especially in Japan – we can expose the secret of Taiji and force the Japanese government to stop it. We can win this issue – but we need your help!

At the Cove in Taiji, the dolphin killing continues. Although the killing of bottlenose dolphins – the primary target species – has dramatically decreased compared to previous seasons, they, along with other dolphin species, including many pilot whales and Risso’s dolphins, continue to be captured for aquariums and slaughtered for meat by the Taiji fishermen. The fight for the protection of all marine mammals goes on.” – Ric O’Barry, Campaign Director


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