Beachtime = Healthy Skin

some of my favorite beaches: Zapatillas (Panama), Naples, Leucadia, Maui

I love the beach. Working as an esthetician requires a certain amount of caution when it comes to the sun, but there are many benefits to spending time at the beach (even if you are wearing sunblock and a giant hat.)

Do you ever wonder why you feel so relaxed at the beach? Ocean waves, sunshine, fresh air…speaking of fresh air – you get more of it along the coast than you do in your backyard. Ocean waves, as they crash and break the surface tension of the water, create negative ions of hydrogen that contain highly concentrated “fresh air.”

Air is filled with electrically charged particles, some of which you notice right before and after a rainstorm. That “just rained” smell in the air is created by negative ions.

Exposure to negative ions is important because we are constantly bombarded by positive ions, produced by electronics, smoke, smog, harmful chemicals, cell phone towers, etc. Negative ions help to balance the positive ions, preventing premature aging and ill health.

If you aren’t within walking distance to the beach, don’t fret. You can get loads of negative ions from trees, mountains, and any natural body of water (lakes, streams, rivers, waterfalls.) So, what are you waiting for, get outside and load up!

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