The BB Cream Bandwagon

The cosmetics world has been buzzing lately about new BB Creams. What the heck is BB Cream, you may ask? BB Cream is new to the American cosmetics market. It combines a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation into one product, and markets itself as an easy all-in-one that will nourish skin while covering visible impurities.

It seems like all the major cosmetics companies are jumping on the BB Bandwagon…but I have to say I am not in agreement. Clients often ask me about both tinted moisturizers and moisturizers with built-in sunscreens. I tell them that tinted moisturizers should be used as foundation only and not take the place of a moisturizer. As far as sunscreens go, I am usually against them unless sunblock is not available. I’d much rather have clients use a physical sun blocking agent than synthetic and potentially harmful sunscreens.

It may be tempting to use one of these all-in-one products due to convenience, but the benefits are usually diminished with this convenience. Combining a moisturizer with foundation defeats one of the purposes of a moisturizer: providing a barrier between the skin and make-up. Adding in a sunscreen on top just adds more synthetic ingredients to the product and your skin. When you consolidate several products into one, you sometimes lose some of the potency and efficacy of the individual products.

Don’t be fooled by the lure of convenience. You get what you pay for and although you may be saving a bit in the short run by using one product instead of 2 or 3, your skin will pay the higher price with clogged pores and lackluster results.

Instead of BB Cream, use a high quality serum or moisturizer and then a gentle make-up. If you wish to add in a sunblock, it should go on top of moisturizer and under make-up. A great option for foundation is crushed mineral make-up, which includes broad spectrum sun protection with zinc and titanium dioxide, both known sun blocking agents.

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