Baby’s Skin

In honor of my sweet friend who gave birth to her son yesterday, I thought I’d write about my favorite skincare tips for babies. Yes, babies have amazingly soft, sweet skin. (Seriously, can’t we figure out a way to bottle that new baby smell??) However, their skin is very sensitive and can easily dry out from over washing, harsh water and ingredients like fragrance, dyes and chemicals.

Dont over bathe your sweet babe: your newborn or infant is not going to get that dirty all day…that comes with toddler-hood. Daily bathing can disrupt the gentle pH balance of their delicate skin and dry them out.

Always use a gentle cleanser without SLS, parabens or fragrance: I really like this brand, and have also used the Dr. Bronner’s Baby Liquid Soap.

Use pure unrefined organic coconut oil, as long as there’s no allergy, as a body moisturizer and bootie balm: my doula gave me this tip and I swear by it. Coconut oil is full of omegas and antioxidants and is so hydrating without feeling heavy. It’s also naturally soothing and healing!

If you live in an area, like we do, that is known for crummy tap water…it may be a good idea to invest in a bath filter. You can attach it to the bath faucet and water will be purified before reaching the infant tub and your baby’s skin! These are great!

Use the two really great products for diaper rash: Mix ½ tsp of baby probiotic (like this) with coconut oil, or use Earth Mama Angel Baby’s diaper balm (I’ve even mixed the probiotic in this balm too!) Probiotics made specifically for infants are super gentle and can be used anytime (even for newborns). I have used them topically on the bum for rash as well as mixed some into breast milk. Newborns and infants can get Candida build-up or digestive disturbances that can manifest in topical rashes…probiotics help! They are also great for gas and tummy troubles.

When needed, use a talc-free powder: Ditch traditional baby powder and use a talk free version that’s much gentler. I love this one.

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