Arrector Pili Muscles

Did you know you have muscles in your skin?

The arrector pili are a tiny muscle band connecting each hair follicle to the skin’s dermis. When they contract they make your hair stand up on end…they are the goose bump muscles. The arrector pili are referred to as smooth muscle, meaning that you cannot voluntarily contract them. In other words, you cannot give yourself goose bumps.

These muscles are controlled by your sympathetic nervous system, and play a role in the “fight or flight” syndrome. Back when we were hairy hunter gatherers, living among the elements, these tiny muscles aided in keeping us warm as well. They helped our hair to stand perpendicular to our skin’s surface, keeping us more insulated. It also helps animals puff up their fur, making them appear larger in size.

So what, you may be asking, does this have to do with skin care? Plenty.

You can strengthen this muscle group through ultrasound stimulation. Strengthening these muscles helps to firm and tighten loose, sagging skin, giving you a mini “lifting” effect. Stimulating the arrector pili muscles is a great addition to microcurrent or massage for strengthening facial muscles as well as peptide treatments for skin damage from muscle contractions.

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