Adaptogens to Help Skin Fight Stress

Adaptogens are plants known for their ability to adapt to any environment or outside stress. These special plants have been able to survive harsh environments for hundreds of years due to their unique combination of active substances. Some adaptogens, like Ginseng, have been around since before the last Ice Age – incredible, right?

Studies have found that these plants are also quite remarkable at calming stress in the skin and helping skin adapt to stressful situations when they are used internally or topically in skincare. Environmental factors like sun exposure, radiation, smog, and extreme temperature changes can all cause stress in the skin. So can worrying about deadlines, getting caught in traffic, eating a diet rich in sugar or caffeine, and getting restless sleep. Most of us have skin that’s a bit stressed out. Some of us have skin that seems to be extremely sensitive to this stress, as seen in acne breakouts, redness, irritation, rashes, dehydration, hyper-pigmentation and more. If adaptogens can help our skin get some relief from all this stress, why not take full advantage?

Ginseng – anti-bacterial ingredient, purifies, increases health circulation, anti-inflammatory, boosts skin immune function.
Licorice Root – purifies, decongestants and detoxifies the skin.
Polygoni – boosts skin immune function, protects against environmental damage.
Euphoria – boosts skin immune function, protects against environmental damage.
Suma root – strengthens, balances, protects from environmental toxins.
Rhodiola rosea – balancing, toning, calms adrenals.

Is your skin stressed out? Help boost its natural immunity and adaptability with these amazing plants. You can find some of these adaptogens in Jadience Herbal Skincare products.

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