The 80/20 Rules

There are two rules regarding skincare that, when followed, will help you reach your skincare goals faster and encourage long term results.

80/20 Rule #1
Skincare is 20% what you put on your skin and 80% what you put in your body. This means that although topical skin care is vital for beautiful skin, nourishing your body from the inside out will make or break your results. If you take good care of your skin topically but deplete your body with stress, excess sugars or toxic foods…your results will be minimal. On the other hand, if you combine good nutrition with the right skincare routine, your results will show up sooner and last longer. This rule implies two things:
1.Although topical skincare only makes up 20% of your skincare results, it directly affects your skin (while internal nourishment indirectly affects your skin.) Make that 20% count! The topical skincare you use needs to be active and not watered down, synthetic or invasive.
2.You cannot expect your skin to change and improve if your body is depleted due to poor nutrition, imbalanced digestion or internal inflammation.

Focus on reducing depleting foods that put a strain on your body’s resources while maintaining an active treatment regimen topically. Regular facials and high quality home care products will make the most of the 20% that directly affects your skin.

80/20 Rule #2
As long as 80% of your diet consists of nourishing foods, you can allow yourself a 20% leeway and still rest easy that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs for healthy, beautiful skin. No one has a perfect diet (well not many of us, anyway.) And that’s ok! Live a little…just make sure the majority of what your ingest will benefit your body and skin. Colorful fruits and veggies, lean protein, healthy fats and tons of clean water are all very much needed for beautiful skin. For more information on these foods, visit the “Skin Nutrition” section of the blog!

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