5 Ways To Stay Beautifully Safe This Summer

safe this summer1. Drink Up.

Ditch the sodas and go for water instead. Our bodies use gallons of water daily and in order to function properly we need to replace some of it. Here is more information on dehydration and the skin

Don’t like the taste of water – or in the mood for something a little fancier? See my spa recipe idea for jazzing up your water!

2. Munch All Day…

…on raw fruit and veggies containing powerful antioxidants to help protect your skin from the inside out. The bright colors in these snacks are what provide you with the antioxidants that end up settling in your skin after digestion! They are also more satisfying in hot weather because of their water content!

tip: Eat in your bathing suit…you will end up eating less and still stay satisfied

3. Protect Yourself

Use a sun block with titanium and / or zinc oxide every time you are out in the sun -especially if you are in the water or on the white sandy beach as the reflection from both can intensify the effects of the sun on your skin. Be careful not to use synthetic sunscreens, like and as they may be toxic (research is still being conducted on their safety in certain doses.) These chemical sunscreens still allow the UV rays to enter the skin, then change the way they react with your skin in order to prevent burning. My advice is to use an SPF 15-45 with the natural sun-blocking minerals mentioned above so that the UV rays are literally blocked from penetrating your skin – keeping you safer.

Leave the conditioner in your hair when going to the beach or pool – this tip is from my hair stylist. She specializes in hair color and always suggests that her clients with color treated hair protect with conditioner and / or sunblock when out enjoying the beach or pool over the summer months. This tip will protect your scalp and your hair from drying out and frying in the sun.

Be sure to hydrate your skin after a day in the sun with an emollient rich lotion or oil. My favorite ingredients include nut and plant oils like jojoba, shea, grapeseed, safflower and coconut.

tip- look for products that contain anti-inflammatories (like chamomile, lavender, algae, and beta glucan), antioxidants (like green tea, algae, and Vitamins C, A and E,) to replenish any lost nutrients!

Wear a hat with built-in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) that keeps your face and shoulders well-protected.

4. Exfoliate Gently

Summer fun can dehydrate your skin. Exfoliating once or twice a week with a body scrub and enzyme face mask will help keep your skin soft while allowing nutrients and mouisture to penetrate more effectively. For best results, follow up this exfoliation properly:

  • For the face, apply a nourishing serum, mask, and or moisturizer.
  • For the body, apply a nutrient-rich body lotion or oil.

5. Fake Your Tan

Although we do need those UV rays to make Vitamin D – we can absorb the proper amount of sun within about 10 minutes of early morning or late afternoon sun and only really absorb it on our upper back and shoulders for this purpose. So…in order to gain that “healthy” glow without the harmful exposure, fake it baby! There are many over the counter creams and sprays, but unless you are an experienced self-tanner, I would leave it up to the professionals at your local spa, salon or tanning center. * be sure to wax, shave and exfoliate the night before spray tanning and keep skin clear of lotions or perfume to ensure the best results.

*DO NOT confuse the recommendation of spray tanning with tanning beds – tanning beds can be very hazardous to your skin’s health. Skin is not meant to be that close to UV radiation and the heat genertaed in those beds can cause tons of free radical damage, not to mention that your skin can burn from the heat of the bulbs. No, they are not the same as laying out in the sun, but even though they claim to weed out burning UV rays, they still overexpose you to damaging UV rays – the kind that cause hyperpigmentation and wrinkles!

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