5 Tips to Prevent Ingrowns

For my clients prone to ingrown hair, I usually recommend waxing. Waxing lowers the amount and severity of ingrown hair because it does not scratch the surface of the skin like shaving and is done once every few weeks instead of daily. This decreases the chances of bacterial growth and dry skin – both of which can lead to ingrown hair. Waxing is wonderful, especially for smaller areas like face, underarm and bikini line. Whether you are waxing or shaving, however, there are three easy steps I use to help prevent ingrown hair.

5 Quick Tips for Preventing Ingrown Hair

Exfoliate regularly – with a dry brush or gentle loofah, brush skin in the direction of hair growth before every shower and before shaving or waxing. This will prevent the build up of dead skin cells, keeping skin soft and clean. It also increases healthy circulation and is gentle enough not to scratch the skin.

Prep with oils – Skin loves natural oils that moisturize and protect. This hydration is especially important before shaving. Apply a pre-shave oil or a natural body oil to the skin, massage thoroughly and then apply shaving cream.

Keep bacteria at bay – After waxing or shaving, apply a diluted antibacterial oil like purification, tea tree, or lavender. I like jojoba and coconut as carrier oils for this dilution because they do not clog pores. The oil will keep bacteria from invading delicate skin and creating irritation. Avoid alcohol or stinging topical lotions that over dry the skin. Instead, use pure witchhazel daily or as needed in that area.

Wear Cotton – wear breathable fabrics (especially impt for underwear) like cotton that will absorb excess moisture without irritating skin

Avoid Perfumes / Chemicals – Use laundry detergent and softeners that omit perfumes and dyes and avoid using perfumes directly on shaved or waxed areas. These chemicals can irritate skin leading to red bumps and ingrowns.

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