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A Yogi’s beauty Secrets…


This chick rocks! I love the idea of respecting the feminine body and thinking of beauty as part of total wellness…beauty isnt the goal, wellness is the goal. Beauty is a wonderful side effect. What do you think of this yogi’s wellness tips and beauty routine? Could you handle cold showers, oil supplements every AM and daily exercise and stretching?

How Diet & Hormones Affect Your Acne

diet and acne

It’s no secret that I love Nadine Artemis of Living Libations. Nadine is an aromacologist and an all around expert in all things natural and gentle for the skin. Her explanation of how diet and hormone balance can affect acne and other issues is so simply stated that I had to post about it. You ARE what you eat and what you absorb! If you have been told by your dermatologist or esthetician that your diet plays no role in your skin issues, it’s time to find a new practitioner!

There are many things I can do topically as an esthetician to help strengthen, cleanse, soften and nourish my clients’ skin. However, without a nourishing diet, these benefits will be short lived and not fully realized. That is precisely why I am working hard to earn my Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition. I plan on combining nutritional counseling, aromatherapy and skincare in a complete holistic wellness program for the skin. As a bonus, when you upgrade and clean up your diet while taking care of your skin – you will see not only prettier skin, but enjoy many health benefits as well!

Greenwashing in Cosmetics?


This article from Kristen Arnett’s Green Beauty Team discusses the topic of greenwashing in the current cosmetic industry. Greenwashing is the act of implying that a product or brand is more “green” or “natural” than it really is.

It’s greenwashing when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be “green” through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices that minimize environmental impact.

In some cases, the packaging and branding of skincare or bodycare is completely misleading. I tell my clients to always read labels and be mindful of the products they use. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on advertising and packaging to tell us which products are best for our skin, because they can be very misleading.

Some of the companies listed (and this list is not even half as long as it should be) may surprise you…let me know your thoughts!

Companies know that selling a product as eco-friendly, natural, or green is appealing for many consumers. This can be a grey area and not heavily regulated either. Instead of investing in green and organic ingredients however, they simply change their packaging and branding. Consult your natural practitioner or holistic esthetician, and read ingredient lists. It can be confusing but doesn’t have to be if you know what to look for.

Here’s a list of commonly used ingredients to avoid:

PEG, parfum, perfume, fragrance, EDTA, parabens, petroleum, aluminum, dioxins, PABA, DEET, etc – see graphic above for more!

Vita Flex Points for Aromatherapy

vita flex

“Vita Flex Technique means “vitality through the reflexes.” With Vita Flex, the oils are applied on the contact points of the body. Very similar in theory to reflexology, the essential oils are absorbed into the skin at these reflex / vitaflex points and taken to corresponding areas in the body. The oils stimulate an electrical charge that follows the pathways of the nervous system to where there is a break in the electrical circuit which will be directly related to an energy block caused by toxins, damaged tissues, or loss of oxygen. The reflex system of controls encompasses the entire body and mind, releasing all kinds of tension, congestion and imbalances. This technique was believed to have originated in Tibet many thousands of years ago, long before acupuncture was ever discovered. With Vita Flex, the weakened or injured areas are corrected on the electrical reflex points, thus preventing further injury and resulting in less stress, which allows for quicker and more efficient healing.

From Dr. Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils: “When using the Vita Flex Technique with essential oils, it is best to start on the bottom of the feet. The foot charts that I have created may seem a little different from the standard reflexology charts. I found that while testing the electrical currents with the frequency monitor that the contact points were a little different than those shown on standard foot charts. The Vita Flex charts are based on electrical frequency tracing, which is more accurate.

When in doubt, cover the entire sole of your feet with the oil or oil blend and put on socks to ensure the oils are absorbed into the skin and not on your floors. This is a wonderful practice to incorporate at the end of each day, depending on your needs at the time. I love applying soothing and calming oils to my feet after my evening shower. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing this for my toddler after her bath as well, and found that her sleep patterns are much healthier when I do.


For Rest and Calming: Valor or Cedarwood and Lavender on the bottom of the toes (especially big toe)

For Aiding a healthy Immune System: Lemon and Thieves along the bottom interior side of the feet (for the spine area)

For Aiding a Healthy Digestive System: Peppermint, Ginger or Digize from the middle to the heel of feet.

Half way through my cleanse: what I’ve noticed


So here I am, just past the mid point in my 90-day Cleanse. I wanted to post a bit about what I’ve noticed so far in terms of my health.

At first, less energy, then more energy: Let me explain. When I first started this cleanse, I was excited to start feeling the positive effects. This did not happen right away, and I actually felt worse in the very beginning. I craved sugar and starches. I felt drained and even had some minor breakouts and headaches. BUT, I kept going, knowing that these were all signs of detox that would pass. and…I was right! At about two weeks into the cleanse, I started to feel pretty amazing. The only way I can explain it is I felt a surge of energy and almost giddiness without any kind of crash mid day!

Heightened senses: As my sugar cravings subsided, I found that I could taste the sweetness of food more. Fresh, ripe strawberries now taste like the sweetest dessert! Sugar and salt both dull the taste buds, and when you limit or eliminate the added junk, you taste the REAL stuff more – and that’s so much better. I can eat food that I really truly enjoy and feel really really good about myself, knowing Im nourishing my body at the same time!

Weight loss and flatter stomach: This actually happened within the first three weeks of my cleanse. It was that fast! All together Ive lost about 13 pounds. That’s not exactly 13 pounds of fat though! Bloating and imbalanced digestion slows metabolism which keeps weight on. Drinking a TON of water daily and strengthening digestion allows the body to work properly and that creates a flatter mid section and healthier weight.

No more stomachaches, bloating, headaches, dizziness: I have always been relatively healthy. But before starting this cleanse, I just didnt feel as healthy as I’d like to . I wanted to glow! Midway in the cleanse I find myself feeling less of the symptoms of imbalance I felt prior, and that’s been so wonderful!

Brighter, clearer skin and eyes: Starting in the second month of my cleanse, I noticed a clearer, brighter me! I also started receiving compliments like “You’re glowing, are you pregnant?” Ha, seriously, though, I do feel more glowy (that’s a word now.)

Healthier cycle: It took my husband and I a while to become pregnant with our daughter. That actually led me to holistic nutrition in the first place. After visiting an acupuncturist and intuitive doctor, I made some changes to my diet and cleaned up my act. And guess what, I got pregnant! Now that Im finally doing this cleanse, and cleaning up my act even more, Im noticing improvements in my cycle and Im really excited! I understand that this may be TMI, so I won’t go into any details here, but if you want to know – call me and ask!

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