Stem Cells for Youthful Skin?

stem cellStem cells have been researched and used more and more in the medical community and have now trickled down into the skincare industry.

They are used in their embryonic state, before they differentiate and become liver cells, brain cells, muscle cells, bone cells, etc. At this stage they can take on and mimic any cells in the human body. When used properly, embryonic stem cells penetrate the skin rapidly and travel down to the dermal layer, literally becoming your skin and using their perfect nature to correct DNA damage and replenish sluggish cells.

However great the idea, not all stem cell products are equal in quality. There are some important factors to consider when choosing stem cell treatment.

The Source:
Embryonic cells can be extracted from either animal or human sources
(many companies use the latter.) It is important to note that not all companies take precautions to extract these cells in an animal friendly manner. The stem cells should be extracted from the animal (usually cows) without harming the mother or fetus in the first part of pregnancy, when they can be quickly replaced by the mother without harming the fetus.

Preservation / Activity Level:
In order for stem cells to be effective, they need to be used immediately after extraction, or frozen for preservation until they are used. After extraction, stem cells should be cryogenically frozen to preserve their activity. Often skin care creams containing stem cells are ineffective because the stem cells have died.

When stem cells are used in professional facial treatments they are much more effective than when used in at-home skin care products,
for the simple reason of preservation. Frozen stem cells can only be used in professional treatments and are not available for home use. A typical stem cell facial consists of gentle cleansing and exfoliation, followed by the sterile application of stem cells and some driving force, like LED light, ultrasound, or simple massage. Immediate effects include skin softness and hydration, with more noticeable effects within 6 days after treatment.

Want to learn more? Here are some great articles for further information on the role of stem cells in the medical and cosmetic communities:

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