LED Therapy for Home Use

I’ve been asked many times what clients can do in between facial appointments to increase collagen production and extend the results of the facial. While masking and proper topical supplementation are important practices for proper skincare at home, there are other “at-home” treatments available that can further enhance results and keep skin feeling beautiful and healthy.

One I’d like to mention is the use of “at-home” LED Therapy lights. My favorite brand is the Quantum Baby Quasar. I actually use the professional models of these retail LED machines in facials to decrease inflammation, kill bacteria, balance oil production, boost ATP energy and, in turn, increase healthy collagen and skin healing. Is it necessary for results? No. Is it helpful? Yes. The retail LED machines are meant to be used for maintenance between professional treatments and will not replace the need for these treatments. The power level is much lower so that it can be used safely at home on a regular basis.

For more information on LED Therapy and how wonderful it truly is, read this great post! For those of you who already know about LED Therapy, and want to add another tool into your home-care routine, this machine would be my recommendation. I know many of my clients ask about the Clairsonic, Nuface and other fancy skincare gadgets, as they are popular. LED therapy is gentle, non-inflammatory and truly beneficial for the skin.

The Baby Quasar is a hand-held LED machine that is used a few times a week or daily, as needed, to reduce inflammation in the skin and increase natural healing processes. The Red Quasar is a combination of red and infrared light energy that encourages the skin to correct damaged cells and build healthy collagen. This LED is great for any skin condition, from Rosacea and Hyper-pigmentation to Wrinkles and Scarring. The Blue Baby Quasar is a special blue LED light best for acne skin conditions. In addition to calming inflammation, it helps control excess oil production and bacteria.

• 4 Healing Wavelengths for Maximum Photonic Delivery
• 3 Operating Modes for Flexible Treatment Options
• 24 LEDs in Both Red and Infrared Range
• Unique Built-In Sequipulse allows 4 wavelenghts to work together
• Delivers Both Red and Infrared Healing Energy for Maximum Effectiveness
• Built with Total Digital Circuitry
• Timed Sound Signal Tells You When to Move On
• Easy to Use and Very Affordable

You can find these LED handhelds all over the internet. For more information on the LEDs, visit Quantum’s site. To shop, visit here and here!

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    I have heard that LED therapy is gentle, non-inflammatory and truly beneficial for the skin. But i dont know how to put it in use. So please include a proper guideline to meet the requirements.
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