Chinese Herbs for total Wellness

Chinese Medicine is a powerful modality for balancing the body and maintaining total wellness. I have been going in for regular acupuncture, so the next step was incorporating herbs. I am blessed to work next to two phenomenal acupuncturists and I’m impressed with the amount of knowledge each of these women have.

The human body really is amazing. Every little molecule affects another in specific pathways and for specific reasons. When something is off-kilter, your body has dozens of ways to communicate with you in an attempt to regain balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine works with these bits of communication to pinpoint where the imbalance started and to put things back in order without causing more harm: ie. inflammation, side effects, immune suppression, etc.

In Modern Western Medicine, pathology is king. Generally speaking, when you go visit your doctor and tell him or her your symptoms, they plug and chug them into a system and offer you medication or send you off for further testing. When you go visit a doctor of Chinese Medicine, you sit and talk with them for (at least) an hour about not only your symptoms, but your eating habits, routine, history, etc. While talking, they are looking at your eyes and tongue, checking your pulse, and making hefty notes. The modern advances of western medicine truly do have their place, and when married with the natural practices and ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, you have a powerful model of healthcare!

This was my recent experience with the Acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine (who also happens to have a Master’s degree in Pharmacology and worked as a scientist in drug research…she knows her stuff!) She talked with me about possible internal imbalances and suggested herbs to make my body happy again. The kicker was that I also had to alter my diet slightly.

The first question was “Can I still have my morning coffee?!?”
Fortunately, the answer was “yes”, but I did need to make other adjustments…like limiting the amount of raw veggies I eat or drink and staying away from cheese and fruit juices.

I was sent home with 7 individual baggies of herbs – that look more like mushrooms, bark and sticks I’d find in my backyard – to brew and drink every 12 hours for the next week. I’m on day 3 and so far, I feel truly amazing! The “tea” is not the tastiest thing ever, but I happily drink it knowing my body will thank me. I can’t wait to go back and see her again and I’m very tempted to ask if she will teach me everything she knows about health…

Chinese Medicine is also used to treat MANY skin disorders: acne, rosacea, eczema, hyper-sensitivity, rashes, excessive oiliness, excessive dryness, and more. Here’s some further reading to support:
BBC News
Chinese Medicine Advisor

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is a whole system of interconnected parts. Although skin problems manifest externally, their root causes are often complex, and involve internal imbalances between qi, blood, yin, yang, and different energetic systems of the body. Usually the pathology involves a combination of internal imbalances and external pathological environmental factors. Internal imbalances include; a weak immune system, digestive disorders, poor diet, unbalanced lifestyle, stress, genetic constitution, and unbalanced emotions. Pathological external environmental factors are often weather related and which invade the body causing symptoms to appear on the skin.
-Jessica Silver, MAOM, L.Ac. , Aiyana Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

I highly recommend Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for anyone wanting to get and stay well!

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