Acupuncture To Boost Your Skin’s Health

Acupuncture therapy - alternative medicineHolistic and diagnostic skin care deals with the connections between internal imbalances and external skin conditions. There is a close relationship between your internal system and your external organ: your skin.

This is why skin care should not be limited to what you are putting on the skin topically. Acupuncture is one part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that can be easily incorporated into your skin care practices, and one modality that can truly make a remarkable difference in your results!

Because the skin is a regulating and detoxifying organ, any imbalances in the blood or internal organs will show up as blemishes, congestion, redness, rashes, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, uneven texture, and many other unsightly symptoms. Acupuncture treats the internal imbalance, taking into account your entire system as a collaborative whole, then gently opens energy pathways to allow your body to balance itself – thus revealing healthier skin in the process.

In a typical visit, your acupuncturist will ask tons of questions about your health, look at your eyes, skin and tongue, and check your pulse several times, sometimes while pressing on certain points on the body. After this assessment, he or she will choose points to work with and insert special hair-like needles (painless) into these points. After all the needles have been inserted, you get to just relax for a while, letting them work their magic. The needles placed at specific points will help to move energy called “Qi” or “Chi” and also help to calm or stimulate different organs, tissues or systems in your body. Being a newcomer to the world of acupuncture, I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxing it was and how quickly I felt the benefits! I highly recommend regular acupuncture sessions in addition to facials for overall health and beautiful skin.

Patricia Blake, M.S.L.Ac.,answers some of the common questions related to acupuncture for skin care:

: What style of acupuncture do you follow?
Patricia Blake: Mirror images of the body’s mapping system in the brain. or
Evidence based acupuncture for pain and inflammation!

: How can acupuncture help skin care conditions like rosacea, acne, congestion, dark circles, etc?
Patricia Blake: It re-cycles the cell faster, brings oxygen to lower inflammation and heal tissues, like broken vessels. Specific points target the face, reduce swelling, moving lymph accumulations and toxins. The Chinese Medicine model restores immunity lowering infections improving metabolic expressions. Which is why it can help you reduce fat deposits, keeping the target weight.

: What are some of the common points used for skin congestion and why?
Patricia Blake: Distal points are the best for clearing up facial issues like congested acne, relieving inflammatory conditions like psoriasis and rosacea which have a functional relationship to the liver, kidneys or lungs from lack of blood perfusion, toxin congestion and heat. Much like having the foot on the engine pedal, but the break is still on.

: What is fire in the blood and how can that be alleviated through acupuncture?
Patricia Blake: Fun question. Imagine feeding your baby hot chili peppers, cayenne, black peppers, and no water! Hint: If there’s Fire in the blood it will come out the skin, the largest detoxifying organ in the body. Connective tissue is prone to allergic reactions due to weak immune systems. Chinese Medicines always want to clear the skin.

: What is dampness in the blood and how can that be relieved with acupuncture?
Patricia Blake: Our bodies are 80% water. Imaging it congested, backed-up and not moving. Damp heat in the body is what swollen hot knees feels like. Pipes that don’t move fluid will degenerate, just like our internal pipes. From the vessels to the organs that move the bowels. If it’s hot and wet, it will attract conditions like candida which even acne has a relationship with.

: Typically how often should you come in for acupuncture?
Patricia Blake: Severity of the conditions has everything to do with treatment options. Acute conditions will be relieved when seen as often as 2 to 3 times a week. Some patients see immediate results.

: How does an experience at Acuheart differ from another office?
Patricia Blake: Unlike your doctor’s visit, when you come in to Acuheart for a visit, you will find yourself at ease in a comfortable, relaxing setting. From the music to the exclusive one-on-one time, the entire setting is meant to help you start the restoring process.

: What are your tips for finding a good acupuncturist?
Patricia Blake: Word of mouth is the best. Someone who already has had good results, will be a place to start. There are no 2 acupuncturists alike and there are so many styles. I also recommend consultations and asking as many questions as possible. You should research your condition and the related options. However, your results and the efficacy of those results have a lot to do with how much you understand and manage your expectations.

For more information on the benefits of acupuncture, visit Patricia Blake’s website (

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    Informative questions related to acupuncture.
    Now a day’s acupuncture is becoming widely accepted theory that cures human body from various diseases. It is either done with the help of needles or by mouth talk. Visiting such sites provides really more information.

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