Top Skincare Ingredients for Teens: Nice Work, Teen Vogue!

We came across this great article from Teen Vogue on important skincare ingredients for teens.We thought the ingredients mentioned had merit. In fact, several of these ingredients have already been featured in our posts!

Other greats skin care ingredients to add to this list?

We would add in Tea Tree for anti-bacterial properties, Papaya Enzymes for gentle exfoliation and Zinc for sun protection and anti-inflammatory help.

Teen Vogue: Top Skin Ingredients for Teens

Teen Skincare Ingredients

Some of these ingredients are easy to source, like arnica, oatmeal and tea tree. Here’s some additional help with the less than easy ingredients:

Vitamin A: the Retinol form of this vitamin is gentler on the skin than the acid form, meaning that it will penetrate to the dermis without irritating the skin. Retinol can be compounded in a lab or pharmacy, and is found in everything from carrot to eggs.

Vitamin C: this vitamin is difficult to stabilize, so it’s important to look for it in a fatty base. Since the vitamin is water and not fat soluble, the fatty base (think plant oil) will prevent oxidation.  Vitamin C is another vitamin that can be compounded or synthesized easily, and is found in any fruit or vegetable known to man.

Azealic Acid: this gently exfoliating acid is found in wheat, barley and rye…but don’t worry, those who are gluten intolerant are fine with the topical application!

Salycilic Acid: often extracted from white birch, this acid goes after oil and bacteria while it exfoliates the skin.

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