Squalane: Ingredient to Love

squalaneYou may be using olive oil in the kitchen, but did you know that you can also use it in your skin care regime? Well, sort of…

Squalane is an extract from Mediterranean olives that mimics the skin’s own natural lipids. Its ability to soothe and moisturize even the most dry and sensitive skin conditions without occluding or feeling heavy makes it one of my favorite ingredients to use. Squalane has a low molecular weight which allows it to penetrate the skin quickly and effectively, aiding in the skin’s own healing processes and maintaining healthy moisture balance. Serums containing squalane can effectively keep skin feeling hydrated and protected without the risk of weighing the skin down or causing breakouts.

Look for this amazing ingredient in:
Sanitas Natural Moisture Factor

NOTE: Squalane can also be harvested from shark liver oil, which is not ideal. Most skincare companies will specify the source, and bien-etre only carries products that use the pure olive source.

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