The Simple Beauty of Bar Soap

For me, a bar of soap symbolizes cleanliness, purity, and simplicity. For this reason, my skin tends to crawl a bit when I see commercials for Irish Spring or Dove that give the appearance they are gentle and natural. So misleading!

A simple bar of soap is one of the least expensive choices we make for our shower, so don’t try to save a few cents by settling for artificial fragrance, petroleum, BHT, or other synthetics that are (in many cases) considered toxic. I love using organic shower gels because they are travel friendly, mess-free and long lasting…but there’s also something about a bar of soap that makes me want to jump in the shower and start lathering.

I came across this simple soap maker’s blog (along with several others) and was reminded of how much I love using soap that has been hand made with love and attention to detail. By details, I mean raw, natural ingredients. Yes, you can buy handmade bar soap that has been artificially fragranced or dyed, but there are so many options without either.

Some of the ingredients I look for in soap are oats, chamomile, and lavender for calming; shea nut, coconut, coco butter and hemp seed oil for hydration; and rose, evening primrose, green tea and many other botanicals and herbs for scent and skin radiance. Also, look for natural cleansing agents like coconut based cleansers, soapwort, and castor oil. Lye is a natural cleansing agent, but can be a bit drying if it is not balanced with tons of natural emollients like shea butter (not to deter you – try a few different soaps and see what works best for your skin!)

After cleansing…I recommend massaging the Malie Organics Mango Butter Cup all over to leave your skin feeling nourished, moisturized and super soft!

tip: Most handmade soaps will last a long time if kept dry between uses. Please use a draining soap dish and keep it away from direct streams of water.

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