Seaweed: Ingredient to Love

seaweedIt’s not just to hold your favorite sushi roll together…seaweed is perhaps one of the most nutritious – and overlooked – foods on our planet! Adding seaweed to your diet provides all the necessary minerals and green power your body craves to function at its best. It has been used for centuries for detoxifying and re-mineralizing the body and more recently, has gained popularity in skincare.

Seaweed, or algae as it is also referred to, is basically concentrated seawater, gathering all the micro and macro nutrients from its surrounding environment and packing it together in one digestible form. It has been long understood that the skin benefits from soaking in seawater. The molecular make-up of seawater is so close to that of human blood plasma that they used it for blood transfusions before knowing how to correctly donate and transfer human blood.

So what can more than 25,000 known species of seaweed do for your skin?

  • Antioxidant support: Seaweed is a photosynthesizing plant – just like the plants on dry land – converting sunlight into energy, and in the process producing free radicals. Seaweed, however, shows no signs of free radical damage – meaning that its antioxidant levels are VERY high. Ingesting or topically absorbing seaweed nutrients helps provide the body with polyphenols (known antioxidants) and all their health and beauty benefits.
  • Mineral Supplementation: Because seaweed is concentrated seawater, it contains healthy amounts of all the minerals and trace minerals used by the body to function at healthy levels.
  • Detoxification support: Seaweed contains iodine, among other elements, which helps to stimulate the thyroid glands. Almost all species of seaweed naturally draw toxins out of the body and stimulate the detoxifying organs to eliminate excess waste. *This aids in weight loss as well!
  • Anti-inflammatory support: Seaweed is extremely high in B vitamins, which aid in reducing inflammation. Next time you have a sore muscle, try soaking in the ocean. Ocean not available? Soak in a seaweed bath: add powdered seaweed or liquid sea minerals to your bath water – you will be amazed at the relief!
  • Green Power support: Ever heard of Spirulina? Its grows in the sea…Where do you think that bright green color comes from? Let me give you a hint: chlorophyll.

Where can you find Seaweed used in Skincare?

  • Soaking in the bath: you can get seaweed in raw form, powdered seaweed, or even liquid sea minerals to add to your bathtub
  • Dietary Supplementation for skin benefits: adding liquid minerals into your drinking water gives you all the mineral support you need daily. Add more seaweed into your diet: sushi, seaweed salad,
  • Extracts in skincare products: Look for red, brown and green seaweeds in your favorite skincare product. Many seaweeds are grouped together on the ingredient list as ‘algae or seaweed extract’.

*always use as directed and check for allergies before using this powerful plant.

Want even more seaweed health benefit information?

Green Organics lists their Top 10 Seaweed Skin Care Health Benefits

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    Love this article!!! I am going to whole foods to look for something I can add to a bath tonight!!

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