Resveratrol–What’s the Deal with this Antioxidant Booster?

resveratrolWe’ve been hearing a lot recently about this little nutritional ingredient. Found naturally in red wine (due to the content in the skins of red grapes,) some berries and grapes themselves, resveratrol helps inhibit inflammation, reduce immune depressors, provide antioxidant protection, and lower carcinogens and bad cholesterol.

It is even being touted (in high doses of daily supplementation) as an effective treatment for preventing heart disease and treating some cancers. Although medical research is still at a relatively young stage for resveratrol (and human studies are still considered inconclusive,) there’s certainly enough evidence to support its importance in the diet.

Although resveratrol is obtained from these natural plant sources, the actual amount gained by eating (or drinking) each one is relatively minute. This is why many people choose to add a daily supplement. For example one supplement, produced by Xymogen, touts their product to provide daily amounts of resveratrol equal to roughly 12 bottles of red wine.

For more information on the health benefits, read:

Linus Pauling Institute: Resveratrol

Mayo Clinic: Red Wine

If you plan on supplementing with Resveratrol, be sure to seek council from your local Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Clinical Nutritionist or other expert so you can devise the right plan, dosage and brand.

However, as far as grapes (need to be organic), berries and wine are concerned – feel free to add them into your daily diet. They only contain minute amounts of resveratrol, but also have bioflavinoids, Vitamin C, and other skin and heart healthy ingredients.

So, cheers to having that Pinot with dinner tonight! We’ll drink to that!

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